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An intersectional approach to gender equity is embedded in our work. We have significant experience in gendered analysis and gender impact assessment including:

  • Developing a gender equity plan for Homes Victoria including consultation across government and with the construction and community housing sector

  • Developing a gender impact assessment framework and tools for the Office for Women (Vic)

  • Designing and implementing a pilot of gender impact assessment across nine areas of Victorian Government

We work with organisations to improve people's experiences of wellbeing, equality, safety and respect. Some examples of our experience include:

  • Research into workplace sexual harassment training leading practice

  • Conducting focus groups with staff on workplace sexual harassment

  • Conducting focus groups with University students about sexual harassment in residences and on campus

  • Developing and delivering workplace safety and respect training to Australian Parliamentarians and staffers

  • Designing equality, safety and respect training for development into an online learning module for a major corporate

  • Undertaking a review of sexual harassment and sexual assault policy and process at Australian Universities following the Respect, Now, Always review

  • Conducting an organisational impact evaluation for Our Watch to evaluate the impact of its prevention of violence against women activities since establishment

We believe that social procurement has the potential to make a huge difference in achieving social outcomes. We work with government buyers and suppliers to understand their needs and develop policies, templates, resources and training to support social procurement implementation.


Some examples of our experience include:

  • Developing the social procurement requirements for Homes Victoria

  • Working with the Community Housing Industry Association (Victoria) to build the capacity of the community housing sector in social procurement

  • Working with project managers to implement social procurement requirements including developing Request for Tender documents and evaluating suppliers proposals

  • Developing social procurement template documents for government buyers

  • Working across government to implement the Victorian Government's Building Equality Policy

  • Consulting with the community housing sector, construction sector and unions on social procurement requirements including gender equality requirements

  • Training project managers on social procurement requirements and evaluations

  • Providing briefing to suppliers on social procurement tenders

  • Conducting information sessions for suppliers to showcase social benefit suppliers and success stories in social procurement

We have worked with corporate, State and Federal governments and NFP clients to develop policy, strategy and programs in social policy. Some examples of our experience include:

  • Developing tools and resources to communicate complex government policy changes to the early childhood sector and families with young children

  • Designing and delivering a program of engagement across 3,000 families nationally to communicate government changes

  • Conducting workshops and site visits around Australia to assess capacity and support early childhood providers to transition to new government arrangements

  • Working with the Board to develop a five-year strategic plan for McAuley Community Services for Women

  • Reviewing family violence data for Department of Education and Training to identify gaps and opportunities to improve data collection

  • Designing and supporting delivery of a pilot program for family violence early intervention in schools

  • Conducting an assessment of skills and training needs of school staff to implement the family violence early intervention pilot in schools

  • Review of disability advocacy access and intake including assessing models in other social service sectors such as mental health, family violence and child and family services

  • Conducting the 2018 evaluation of The Orange Door, one of the Victorian Government's key family violence reforms bringing together assessment and intake for child and family services, specialist family violence services and men's services

  • Consulting with school principals and other school leaders to understand issues and re-design the role of the school principal in partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Our experience

Social procurement

Wellbeing, equality, safety and respect

Gender analysis and impact asessment

Social policy

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Our expertise

We bring a unique set of knowledge, skills and methodologies

  • Deep understanding of economics, social policy, intersectional feminist theory and Critical Race Theory including power, intersectionality and inequality

  • Exceptional technical management consulting skills and frameworks including Strategy development, Target Operating Model design, Data analysis, Evaluation and monitoring

  • Agile project management delivery

  • Effective stakeholder engagement and consultation including large-scale workshops and smaller scale focus groups

  • Commitment to inclusive design and delivery of solutions

Our sectors

We operate at the intersection of corporate, governance and NFP sectors, with experience in:

  • Government policy portfolios - education, social housing, family violence, social procurement, budget and finance

  • Corporate - workplace sexual harassment, revenue generation strategies, operating model redesign, merger implementation 

  • NFP organisations - family violence services, disability information and advocacy, disability service provider, peak bodies

Our experience

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