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5 questions for an embodied approach to performance review

Writing on a wet and rainy day at home after we have had our end of year reflection session because it's around the time of the Winter Solstice and end of financial year.

We try to work in an embodied, feminist, joyful, anti-racist way. And yes I know we have to come up with better words than these. And maybe listing all of these labels is not overly helpful. So I thought what might be helpful is sharing our practice, and how I try to lead in ways that are embodied, joyful and culturally aware.

Some questions I ask are:

  • What has felt good, expansive and joyous over the last 6 months and why?

  • What has felt constricted or uncomfortable over the last 6 months and why?

  • What actions could grow what has been expansive and joyous?

  • What actions could mitigate or reduce was has been constrictive and limiting?

  • What seeds are emerging for us right now?

  • What seeds did we plant earlier that we want to keep nourishing?

  • What do we want to celebrate? What are we proud of?

  • What can we forgive ourselves for and let go of?

And to be clear, in answering these questions, the scope of the questions are not just about 'work work'. They don't just include paid client work but include the whole of our interactions as humans who work together. So that includes the informal lunches, the conversations, administration, project management, client work, connection and community.

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