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Want to explore how your work can create social change?

Who we work with

We work with government and for-purpose clients on social policy and social innovation looking at systemic discrimination and exclusion in social systems such as housing, early childhood education and care, budgeting and violence against women. 

We work with in partnership with co-conspirators and collaborators in the wider social purpose ecosystem. We actively build networks and contribute to the strength of systems of collective social change. We work slowly, to build trust and relationships, bridging private, government and NFP sectors, for social equity. 

"And more and more, particularly in the women of colour movement, the answer is that "no person is free until the last and the least of us is free."

Mari Mastuda

Clients we've worked with

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Our voice

Welcome to our blog! This is our space to nerd out over certain texts, unpack and explore ideas, reflect on our experiences and basically write the things we feel like writing.


There are the usual caveats to blogging, these are our personal views, they haven’t been through rigorous scholarly peer review. It’s just us, talking out loud and sharing ideas and thoughts with our community.

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We believe impactful social change happens when we create together.


Social Change

We focus on social policy and creating positive and inclusive social change through partnership and shared vision. Our purpose is to create, support, enable and drive social change so that all humans have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Helping you and your business take a step towards change

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Social policy

We work with government and for-purpose organisations in social policy including social housing, family violence and violence against women, early childhood education and school education. We undertake reviews, support policy development and program design in social policy. We bring deep expertise and experience in social policy including embedding equity into the design of consultation, engagement and co-design to inform decision-making. 

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Community participation

We support communities leading in the development of community-based local solutions and policy development with goverment. We take a trauma-informed and human rights based approach - based on circles not hierarchies - to support community-led spaces and processes to develop local solutions to community issues or advocate policy change. We recognise the strength and resilience of community members and community organisations, and believe that social issues can only be solved in partnership with communities. 

03 - 

Wellbeing, safety and respect

We work with organisations to develop and implement initiatives in wellbeing, safety and respect. This includes working with organisations to understand intersectional experiences of staff and stakeholders and designing interventions to embed prevention of violence against women including:

  • development and delivery of sexual harassment prevention training

  • development of tools and resources to embed prevention

04 - 

Gender analysis and impact assessment

We work with organisations to take a gender+ lens to their work and embed gender equity in the way they work. We work to understand different needs and embed gender+ equity to public policy, grant making, investing and business including:

  • Public sector agencies undertaking Gender Impact Assessments

  • Public sector agencies requiring training in Gender Impact Assessment

  • Philanthropic organisations to take a gender+ lens to grantmaking

  • Businesses to understand needs and embed gender+ equity in their business processes and practices

Clients we've worked with

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